Our Philosophy

“Bringing Character, Style and Service to all our visitors daily”


Our Philosophy 
The following three questions are one we are continually asking ourselves and our team of hospitality professionals. We believe in constant incremental improvements. We accept what we will never achieve what we are aiming for as our target keeps moving forward as do, we as a business and as a team.

We strive to make every experience at the Inn a positive one and my father and I personally oversee this every day. We trust in our team of traditional, service-trained hospitality professionals to promote and deliver a warm Scottish Olde Inn experience designed for todays customer’s needs. The Inn possesses history and charm and aims to continue to maintain and set standards for others to envy.

Why do we exist?
A positive Hospitality venue delivering excellent guest experience. Welcoming an international multigenerational audience, leaving a lasting impact that exceeds customer expectations

What are we aiming for?
Building relationships and trust with our local and global community though engagement, support, care and delivering an excellent experience consistently. Going above and beyond to deliver the destination for social fulfilment, moments, and memories.

How will we get there?
Each guest as individual’s value one of the varying aspects of the hospitality experience, we deliver to satiate their leisure needs and generate a desire to revisit us. A positive ad hoc visit may generate a family relationship for decades or even generations, building trust resulting in the client selecting us to share their experience with their family, friends and loved ones. We have a duty to ourselves and have pride as a team to give every transaction and interaction our full care and attention. The delicate finesse, authenticity, and consistency we deliver in accordance with our core values will help us continue to grow our hospitality movement.


– Proprietor

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